Gym Closings

MEGA is closed for the 2021 Holiday/Breaks list below, there are no open gyms, practice or classes:

Memorial Day Weekend
Saturday, 5/29/2021  to Monday, 5/31/2021

4th of July Holiday Weekend
Saturday, 7/3/2021

Summer Break
Monday, 7/12/2021 - Saturday, 7/17/2021

Labor Day Weekend
Saturday, 9/4/2021 - Monday, 9/6/2021

Wednesday, 11/24/2021 - Saturday, 11/27/2021

Winter Break*
Monday, 12/20/2021 - Saturday, 12/25/2021

New Year's Holiday
Friday, 12/31/2021 - Saturday, 1/1/2022

There are no make-ups for any gym holidays because they have already been calculated into the monthly tuition.

Tuition is not prorated from month to month for holidays, all holidays are accounted for in the monthly tuition.  If a particular day of the week (for example, Monday) has more than 4 holidays that occur during the calendar year, management will make the appropriate adjustments.

*MEGA closes for 1 week during the months of July and December for Summer & Winter break, for those 2 weeks Gymnastics, Tumbling, NinjaZone and Preschool classes can schedule a make-up.


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